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    Costumes for 2012
    2012 is my rebuild year. I will be remaking Wicked Lady (Sailor Moon) and Pai (.hack//G.U.). I'm taking a step back from costume work for conventions, mostly in the hope that I can get some work in theatre costume production.

    Props for 2012
    Another set of rebuilds and remakes, with the intention of finally putting my lathe to good use. I want to work on making Sailor Saturn's Glaive, as I've always wanted one for myself, as well as trying my hand at some of the World of Warcraft staves and maces.

    I haven't touched el wire or LEDs since the Nia Teppelin fiasco in 2009, wherein I managed to burnout the power source the night before the convention. I'm getting very tempted to try again, although this time I know better than to turn it off and on three hundred times in a twenty minute span.

    Other Projects
    1970 Baracuda restoration - My father has had this car since 1970. It still has it's original paint job and original body... but it's also rusted most of the way through. The engine was replaced in the mid seventies, and then again in the mid nineties. It currently has no brakes. Dad's been collecting bits and pieces for restoration over the years, but my goal is to reupholster the seats for his birthday. That would be September 19th.

    My parents are actually going to be in Greece during September, so the plan is to get the seats done while they're away on vacation. We'll see how well that goes-- Mom can't even find the keys to it right now, so I can't measure the seats to order the vinyl, and asking Dad for the keys would be giving up the surprise before it happens.