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    So yeah. This website is why FKD is back up. This top one here is the original design that I made for Wazy. It's based off of a screenshot she sent me of what she wanted, and I spent a day or two having fits at the code because it wouldn't do what I wanted it to ( with most coders that I've talked to, it was a case of forgetting to close something). I set it aside for a few days, messed around a bit with the .psd and .png files, and got it up and running.
    Of course, that couldn't possibly be the end of it, which brings us to tthis lovely design. See, I've never skinned a TextPattern site before, and even though I'm the one who set it up for her, I hadn't actually looked very hard at the code. I couldn't get the site to display properly, and wound up having to borrow a template from Fullahead. A bit of magic and a nap in the midst of all the coding, and voila. One working website. Oh thank god.

    Quote Me (You Love It)'s third layout, this one for 2009/2010. I've been informed that I need to create a search engine so Jade can find out just how many quotes she's actually in. Obviously, I pulled the same trick for this one as I did for Yukute's layout, in regards to the window. And yes, someone did try to close it, too.

    Yukute~ ♥
    Ah, Yukute MU* how I miss thee. This design was created in an attempt to get myself back into the mood of admining a MUCK. It... really didn't, but the comments from the players about trying to close the window to get rid of Sora's ass were always hilarious. Actually. I know how to do that now. Now wouldn't that be amusing... for the DOLLARS: Ikebukuro game that plays there now, I mean.

    This layout has lasted for a damn long time on The Infamous Quotes Page. Since September 2008, apparently. It was originally a premade layout I nabbed from... somewhere. I dunno where. And then modified to suit my need for orange and pastel. And Sailor Moon. I quite clearly recall the pain of wanting to put Mamoru's face on the layout, but not having enough room in the banner-space of the premade. I should probably add "New IQP design" to my current projects page. was an ooooold World of Warcraft website of mine, from way back before Burning Crusade. Back when my warlock was level 55, known as Mazze and on the Deathwing server. (FYI, she is now called Nyxondra, is level 85, with shit gear, had a faction change and is on The Scryers). The site still technically exists in as a subdomain, I just haven't updated it since 2006.